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Hi there.

My name is Maria Fernanda Sanchez Ocana I'm a Mexican independent 2D & 3D artist as you can see in my portfolio my main focus are backgrounds and props.

Within my many skills are time management, teamwork, fast learning, working well under pressure, and following instructions properly. 

Because some of my interests are videogames, cartoons, and Anime I have seen several art styles work in many different ways to tell stories which is a major motivation to work hard in this industry and try new things. 

As a young artist, I strongly believed that I can bring new energy and new problem-solving ideas to any project. 




Max the Mutt College of Art and Design

As a former student at Max the Mutt College Art and Design, I've received training, not only in 2D, 3D, and classical art forms but also in production pipes, deadlines, and industry-standard processes as well.

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