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3D Modeling

3D props and environment elements should be as good as the 2D as the design that their base on if not they should get close enough to look like they belong in the world there are created for. As a 3D artist, I consider myself being great at interpreting 2D designs and converting them into proper and functional 3D models.

Not only that but also in proposing creative solutions of adaptation for each 3D model.

For me making props and environmental assets it's one of my biggest passions so If you like my work and have a space in your team please don't hesitate to contact me for any future project. 

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Kid's Bathroom_1.0

Kid's Bathroom_2.0

Subway Tunnel

Bear Donut

Magic Sword

UnderWater Capsule

MagicalGirl Brooch

Kirby's Props

Magic Specter

Fox Mask

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